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Our Team.


Get to Know Us

Jacob is a young entrepreneur, husband, and father. Before his graduation from St. Patrick’s High School in 2010, he was operating his own successful landscaping company. After five years of running his landscaping business, Jacob realized he wanted to pursue a career in project management. 


Jacob was hired on as a project manager at a local roofing company. During his three and a half years there, Jacob was quickly promoted to a Senior Project Manager. He eventually left the roofing company to start his own venture. 


Jacob went on to begin his own roofing company, which has now been operating for just under four years. With his leadership, the company has grown from a hometown repairs company to a reputable roofing company, contracted to work on various commercial and residential projects across the state of Mississippi and more recently Louisiana.


In addition to his successful business ventures, and more importantly, Jacob is a devoted family man. Together, he and his loving wife Laken are raising two children.

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