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Did you know that all shingle manufacturer's will not allow shingles to be installed on roof systems under a certain pitch? This is due to the potential of having standing water. Low slope roof systems do not have enough slope on them to adequately drain water off of them, therefore its essential to use a roof system that is capable of withstanding these conditions.

Plastic Dome of a row house on a flat roof.jpg


Metal roofs re where elegance meets durability. We are equipped with a panel former allowing us to custom fit your roof system for a seamless look every time.

Aerial view of an apartment building with flat roof in construction, ballasted system with


TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. This is becoming one of the most common flat roof systems in commercial roofing. This particular roof system can be mechanically fastened or self-adhered.

Typical installation of lighting protection at roof of building.jpg


We specialize and are certified in a variety of flat roof systems including PVC, TPO, and Modified Bitumen Roof Systems These roof systems come with manufacturer's warranties and are energy savers.

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